iPhone tipped to get AI-generated emojis and more with iOS 18

With tech rivals like Google and Microsoft making bold strides into the world of consumer-focused artificial intelligence (AI), Apple has a lot of ground to make up. It’s hoping to make a start at its developer conference next month, where it is set to unveil its new AI offerings, including new features in iOS 18.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s AI offerings are going to focus more on providing utility to consumers and less on esoteric, pie-in-the-sky AI tools that people think are cool but aren’t certain how to actually get any value out of.

What will iOS 18 feature?

Reports suggest that Apple will be introducing AI features in many different areas. Expect updates like transcribing voice memos, retouching photos, and automatic suggestions for emails and text messages. Siri will be getting an AI-powered upgrade too.

Smart recaps are one of the most useful sounding AI features – providing users with summaries of missed notifications, emails, web pages, and other forms of media. Apple won’t be adding its own Chat Bot; instead, it is in talks with more mature generative AI platforms to incorporate a proven solution into its devices.

Apple will also be bringing AI to…your emoji. As you are typing, the generative AI will create new emoji on the fly. After the popularity of Google’s Emoji Kitchen, which allows users to combine two emoji into one new one (such as a turtle carrying a cup of coffee on his shell, or a raincloud raining out crying faces), this could be a hit with consumers.

It’s unclear currently whether Apple users will be able to send these custom-generated emojis to anyone, or just to other people using Apple devices.

Another never-before-seen feature coming to the iPhone is the ability for users to customize their home screens to a much greater extent. This will include changing the color of app icons as well as being able to move them around and place them anywhere – not just on the grid that users will be used to.

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