DPRK: EU sanctions nine additional individuals and entities involved in the country’s activities related to illegal weapons programmes and supporting Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine

European Council / Council of the European Union

Council of the EU

Press release

31 May 2024 13:00

The Council today sanctioned a further six individuals and three entities in view of sanctions evasion activities carried out by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) that could generate funds for its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, in violation of and with flagrant disregard for the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and in view of the military support given by the DPRK to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Those targeted will be subject to an asset freeze and the provision of funds or economic resources, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of those listed is prohibited. Additionally, a travel ban to the European Union will apply to the listed individuals.

The EU is determined to prevent the flow of components, finance and knowledge that could be used by the DPRK to support the development of its nuclear, WMD and ballistic missile programmes. The EU urges the DPRK to cease destabilising actions, comply with its obligations under international law and resume dialogue with relevant parties.

Today’s decision brings the total number of persons listed autonomously by the EU to 77 individuals and 20 entities. This comes in addition to all relevant UN Security Council resolutions on sanctions linked to DPRK’s illegal programmes into EU legislation, which the EU has also transposed.

From 1 January 2024 until 30 May 2024, the DPRK launched at least 22 ballistic missiles.

The EU has repeatedly condemned the DPRK for such activities, and called on Pyongyang to cease these illegal and dangerous launches, which blatantly violate UN Security Council resolutions and undermine international peace and security as well as the global non-proliferation regime.

Furthermore, the European Council condemned the continued military support for Russia’s war of aggression provided by the DPRK, Belarus and Iran in its conclusions of 15 December 2023, and called for preparing further sanctions against them in its conclusions of 22 March 2024.

The relevant legal acts, including the names of the listed individuals and entities, have been published in the Official Journal of the EU.


The first set of restrictive measures was introduced following UN Security Council Resolution 1718 (2006), adopted shortly after DPRK´s first nuclear test on 9 October 2006. The UN Security Council has repeatedly adopted new measures and extended existing ones since then.

In 2016, the Council of the EU adopted additional, autonomous restrictive measures against the DPRK, complementing the UN sanctions, on the grounds that the DPRK’s actions constitute a grave threat to international peace and security in the region and beyond.


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