Learning to Live With Google’s AI Overviews

Michael Calore: Nice.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. So I recommend Technelegy.

Michael Calore: Nice. Both embracing technology and painting a dark future, just like this show.

Lauren Goode: And this could be our new tagline I think. I like this. Let’s workshop this. Mike, what’s your rec?

Michael Calore: I’m also recommending a book. It’s a brand new book. It’s called Neu Klang: The Definitive History of Krautrock by Cristoph Dallach. Krautrock, terrible name, terrible name, but over the years has evolved into being sort of a term of affection for music made by German bands from the mid-60s until the mid-80s, maybe beyond, but that’s generous I would say.

Bands like Can, I’m never sure how to pronounce that, but C-A-N, Can, Kraftwerk, Faust, Neu!, bands that you’ve probably heard of if you’re into weird rock. Anyway, it’s one of my favorite styles of music, and this is an oral history of the style of music. So the author spoke to all of the players who are still alive, the people who were adjacent to that world, people like Iggy Pop and Brian Eno, and really brought it home in a big tone. This is the first big definitive oral history of the Krautrock movement.

So if you’re into it, the English language version is available in the UK right now. So I ordered it from Rough Trade and it got a little early, but if you want to wait for the US version, it’s coming out at the beginning of August. So it’s coming out this summer. So if you’re a super fan, you can get your grubby hands on it quick and have it shipped internationally, or if you’re an American and you just want to wait and be lazy, then you can wait.

Lauren Goode: Are your hands grubby from the Kraut?

Michael Calore: From the sauerkraut?

Lauren Goode: Yeah, sauerkraut.

Michael Calore: No, it’s just from all the ink on all the books that I’m reading.

Lauren Goode: Sweet.

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: Appreciate you.

Michael Calore: Thanks. All right, well, thanks everybody. That was a lovely discussion. Thank you both for joining us this week.

Reece Rogers: Thank you.

Kate Knibbs: Thanks for having us.

Lauren Goode: Yes, standard podcast answer. I love it.

Kate Knibbs: Should I start being rude?

Lauren Goode: No, that was great.

Kate Knibbs: Yeah. Fuck you guys, actually. I don’t know if I’m allowed to swear.

Lauren Goode: That’s staying in.

Kate Knibbs: Just kidding.

Lauren Goode: Yes, you are.

Kate Knibbs: OK.

Michael Calore: And thank you all for listening. If you have feedback, you can find all of us on AI Overviews. Just search for our names on Google. Our producer is the mighty Boone Ashworth. We’ll be back next week with a new show. It is Apple’s WWDC next week, so come back to hear us talk about all things Apple. And until then, goodbye.

[Gadget Lab outro music plays]

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