Nagastra-1, India’s own suicide drone for Army: 6 things to know

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First batch of Nagastra-1 delivered

An important step towards attaining “atmanirbharta” (self-reliance) in defence and ammunition systems, the Indian Army has received the first batch Nagastra-1, the country’s first indigenous loiter munition made by Solar Industries in Nagpur. The Indian Army has placed an order to supply 480 Loiter Munitions under Emergency Procurement Powers, with Solar Industries subsidiary Economics Explosives Ltd (EEL). “After successful completion of pre-delivery inspections, EEL delivered 120 Loiter Munitions to an Army Ammunition Depot,” defence officials were quoted by ANI as saying.



Abort attack on command

The UAV-based system Nagastra operates similarly to an aerial ambush. In contrast to other weapons, Solar’s Nagastra may be safely retrieved and can abort an attack if needed. Nagastra-1 has the ability to hover over the target, and that is why it is known as loitering munition.



Precision strike, undetectable

Nagastra-1 can neutralise any hostile threat using a GPS-enabled precision strike when it is in the Kamikaze mode, with achieving an accuracy of 2 metres. Mounted atop a UAV capable of reaching altitudes above 4,500 metres, the remotely operated weapon remains undetectable to radar technology. For example, it may hover in the air and launch an attack at a particular time if the taget is a caravan carrying a militant. It strikes in kamikaze mode, wiping off its target as well as itself.



Ahead of all

The man-in-loop range of the fixed-wing electric UAV is 15 km, while its autonomous mode range is 30 km. Its endurance is 60 minutes. As the first weapon of its kind made entirely of indigenous materials, Nagastra-l can hover in midair and strike its target as soon as it approaches.



Superior to many

Nagastra-1, a man-portable system with an overall weight of 30 kg, was created in partnership with Z-Motion Autonomous Systems Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, using more than 75% indigenous material. The advantages of this Loiter Munition over comparable devices created by wealthy nations include its ability to abort, recover, and reuse.



Parachute feature

The ability to retrieve the ammunition using a parachute recovery system in the event of a mission abort makes it even more special.

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