People are using ChatGPT to create HTML5 games in minutes

From image generation of essentially whatever your mind can dream up to video generators, artificial intelligence has seemingly leveled up once more as the ability to generate HTML5 games has been discovered.

Building a game is no easy feat, even for those with years of experience and training, but AI has been proven to create small interactive HTML5 games in a matter of minutes with no coding knowledge required.

This was found by AI artist Pierrick Chavellier who took to the X (formerly Twitter) platform to share how this is possible using ChatGPT-4o, describing the OpenAI software as being “insane.”

🔥#ChatGPT4o is insane, you can create small interactive HTML5 games in just a few minutes with no coding knowledge. 🔥

Follow these thread, and I’ll show you the entire workflow I set up.

— Pierrick Chevallier | IA (@CharaspowerAI) June 7, 2024

He uses other tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as the other AI tool MidJourney to make a fully-functioning mini-game possible. It’s only short, but shows a potential for this to be improved upon each time AI expands and develops.

How to develop an AI HTML5 game

Instead of creating the walking or running sprites in an image generator, the creator took to an external site to download a vector site of the character.

The sprites were then prepared and exported in multiple formats which was done through Illustrator.

The AI-related creator then took to MidJourney to generate a suitable game background and simply did so by asking it a prompt like: Game asset, 2d Cartoon Style background game scene, forest, forest element, flat, vector.

Rather than leaving it there though, some further depth was added to what the image generator came back with through Adobe Photoshop. In this instance, the foreground elements were cut out.

Then, here comes the magic of ChatGPT. Chevallier says he gave the chatbot and virtual assistance “all the detailed instructions of what I want and the media I have already prepared.”

And there you have it, just open the HTML page and enjoy your little HTML5 Canvas game.

Imagine all the possibilities we can achieve by spending more time.

— Pierrick Chevallier | IA (@CharaspowerAI) June 7, 2024

And in just a matter of minutes, you have an HTML page spewed back at you which should have resulted in a little HMTL5 Canvas game.

The artists went on to say “Imagine all the possibilities we can achieve by spending more time.”

Featured Image: Via Pierrick Chevallier on X

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