Google is reportedly creating AI chatbots that challenge Meta and Character AI

The search engine giant Google is reportedly developing AI chatbots that people can hang out with, modeled on celebrities.

According to The Information who say they’ve spoken with two people who have direct knowledge of the project, the chatbots could be launched as soon as this year and will be powered by the company’s chatbot Gemini.

Developed and owned by Google, Gemini AI focuses on generative artificial intelligence and features a family of large language models.

It isn’t yet known which celebrities will be included, but it’s reported that Google is trying to strike partnerships with influencers too and they’re working on a feature that will let people create their own chatbots by describing their personalities and appearance.

If created, celebrities, influencers, and everyone else will be able to converse with each other through their own avatars and chatbots.

AI chatbots aren’t new, with Meta and startups already running the idea

While this is new for Google, it is something that has already been seen before. Meta Platforms has similar online personalities (including the likes of TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and mega YouTuber Mr. Beast) and the start-up Character.AI includes celebrities like Tom Brady and Tony Soprano.

However, the idea hasn’t picked up major traction. With the mass influence Google has, it could be interesting to see how the chatbots are adopted by the audience.

Google hasn’t yet confirmed nor denied the rumor, but suggestions are this could be more of an experiment that might not even be widely available. It might be reserved for Google Labs only which is the area for experimental products.

Although, there is the possibility of it being integrated with YouTube rather than launching it as a standalone product. If on YouTube, creators would be able to create their own AI personas and use these to engage with the audience on a whole new level.

It’s believed the Labs team is currently working on the customizable chatbot endeavor.

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