iHuman: AI and Humanity

Al Jazeera Documentaries

Artificial Intelligence, power and social control – an exploration of what AI could mean for humanity.

AI and us – iHuman explores what artificial intelligence and machine learning might mean for our lives, societies and futures. Featuring some of the pioneers of AI, this film looks at the most powerful and far-reaching technological development, both positively and with some concern. Computer scientists, data analysts, human rights lawyers, philosophers and psychologists deliver an overview of the last few years of AI but also a glimpse of the future.

Surveillance across society, autonomous weapons, bias in algorithms, big data mining, AI-influenced online echo chambers – AI is already everywhere. It has already influenced politics – but will intelligent robots ever turn on us humans? Given the power dynamics behind AI technology and Big Tech companies, is AI only for “killing, spying and brainwashing” – or can it also solve many of the world’s most challenging problems? There’s no simple answer but this film provides much food for thought.

Published On 2 Jul 2024

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Anthony Geddes