China’s robot dogs carrying machine guns to enter the battlefield within two years; here is how it will look


The Chinese who are developing autonomous weapons will soon induct their robot dogs which carry machine guns into the battlefield. This is expected to take place within two years. It has the potential to trigger an arms race in the world.

Chinese army robot dog

Armed forces around the world use robots for conducting search and rescue operations and defusing bombs among others. What if they were deployed as soldiers with a machine gun in a war zone? Is this a scene out of a sci-fi movie? It may have been the case a few decades back but now China is rapidly developing them. According to reports, they will be inducted within two years. This has added to a growing arms race between China and the western countries. Autonomous weapons are being developed rapidly across the world even as war moves to the cyber and space domains.

Robot soldiers:

This robotic dog model has been manufactured by the Chinese company ‘Unitree Robotics’. It was displayed by the People’s Liberation Army last month during its joint exercise with the Cambodian armed forces. Many of the defense analysts pointed out that the Chinese are ahead of the other countries in terms of developing autonomous weapons. This particular robot has a machine gun that is mounted on it and it can function like a normal solider. It will be inducted within two years. There is still no information on its other aspects such as speed, terrain deployment and other facts.


It is well known that the Chinese intend to beat the Americans in acquiring and manufacturing hi-tech weapons including many autonomous weapon systems. Defense analysts point out that the Chinese are building autonomous weapons at a pace which is four to five times faster than the United States.

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Arms race:

In November last year, it was reported that the Pentagon was concerned about the rapid pace of development of autonomous weapons by the Chinese and issued a directive to different agencies to focus on this. Many in the US are supporting the developments of these weapons despite concerns related to its safety and other concerns related to AI itself.

Experts have pointed out that the Chinese move will trigger an arms race with the US and will only strengthen Russia’s resolve to focus on the development of autonomous weapons.


Does the US have a policy on development of autonomous weapons?

The US came out with its policy on autonomous weapons in 2023. The policy document released by the Department of Defense focused on research, development, testing and induction of autonomous weapons.

What is the key principle guiding the development of autonomous weapons?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the major factor behind the development of autonomous weapons. They are unmanned and operate by application of AI.

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