This tiny, durable drone has stable flight features and a 4K camera, all for under $100

If you only think of drones as silly diversions or big kid toys, you’re selling the technology and its overall impact short. In Southern California, police drones and the AI running them are changing how law enforcement is being done. In Australia, companies are using drones to install bird protectors on power lines. And, news outlets have been increasingly turning to drone video footage as part of their coverage.

Drones are everywhere. Even if you don’t need them for business interests, you can pick up a high-quality drone these days and have a whole lot of fun with a model like this Global Drone 4K Platinum from Mesay.

The unit folds down to just 5 inches long for easy transport, but once you’re ready to take flight, the high strength and resistant-engineered body on this drone make it ultra-durable for all your maneuvers. Those foldable arms team up with a 6-axis gyro to serve up a highly stable flight in its altitude hold mode, including three different flight speeds. There’s also a headless mode, so the drone remembers its orientation from takeoff and doesn’t force the pilot to spin the craft manually.

The Global Drone is also equipped with some extra tricks, like the 360-degree roll and flip technology so you can do all kinds of aerial acrobatics.

Of course, the best way to prove all your high-flying tall tales is with actual proof, courtesy of the built-in 4K HD camera. Packed with that advanced stage image capture technology, users can shoot and record 720p, 1080p, or even 4K quality video or photos in mid-air. And, thanks to the unit’s WiFi capabilities, you can watch those images as they’re captured in real time through the smartphone app sync to your drone’s controller.

Regularly $119, you can not only get the Global Drone 4K Platinum flyer now at its discounted price, you can also slice another 15% off your total by entering the code MERRY15 at checkout. That code is only good for the next two days, but it’ll drop your final cost down to just $93.46.

Prices subject to change.

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