This is how NVIDIA wants to go beyond the metaverse

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Omniverse Avatar is the name of the system for creating avatars through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) , introduced by NVIDIA and which is part of its Omniverse Enterprise platform.

With this platform, NVIDIA enters the market of metaverses (shared, interactive, immersive and collaborative 3D virtual worlds ) to compete against Meta and Microsoft , mainly.

According to Jensen Huang , founder of NVIDIA , with Omniverse , “we now have the technology to create new worlds in 3D or model our physical world.”

With Omniverse , developers will be able to create interactive characters who can see, speak, converse on a wide range of topics, and understand spoken intention naturally.

During the Omniverse Avatar presentation, Huang showed how Project Maxine for Omniverse Avatar connects computer vision, Riva’s speech AI , and avatar animation and graphics into a real-time conversational AI robot: the Toy Jensen Omniverse Avatar. .

He also demonstrated Project Tokyo , a customer service avatar at a restaurant kiosk, able to see, converse, and understand two customers.

In another demonstration, a woman speaks English on a video call in a noisy café, but can be heard clearly without background noise. As you speak, your words are transcribed and translated in real time into French, German and Spanish. And, thanks to Omniverse , they are delivered by an avatar capable of engaging in conversation with the same voice and intonation.

Omniverse can also be used to simulate digital twins of warehouses, plants and factories, physical and biological systems, the 5G edge, robots, autonomous cars and even avatars .

Jensen Huang announced that NVIDIA will build a digital twin, called E-2, or Earth Two, to simulate and predict climate change .

Omniverse Enterprise

According to the company, this is the world’s first technology platform that enables global 3D design teams working on multiple software packages to collaborate in real time in a shared virtual space .

One of the essential characteristics of the NVIDIA Omniverse is that it obeys the laws of physics. Omniverse can simulate particles and fluids, materials and even machines, right down to their springs and cables.

It enables users to create a virtual world where robots , powered by artificial intelligence brains that can learn from their real or digital environments, can train.

According to data from the NVIDIA portal, Omniverse has been downloaded 70,000 times by designers from 500 companies.

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