Selected Articles: A “False Flag” Operation to Justify the Israel-U.S. Genocide Against the People of Palestine

A “False Flag” Operation to Justify the Israel-U.S. Genocide Against the People of Palestine

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 08, 2024

Although South Africa’s legal initiative was directed against the State of Israel, the conduct of the genocide is a joint Israel-U.S. project, with U.S. military and intelligence operatives collaborating directly with their Israeli counterparts. This collaboration is also supported by an extensive flow of military aid. 

Continual War Is the Backdrop to British Politics. General Patrick Sanders’ Proposal: “A ‘Citizen’s Army’ Ready to Confront Russia”

By Andrew Murray, February 07, 2024

There has been a lot of comment on General Sir Patrick Sanders’s recent speech urging preparations for a “citizen’s army” ready to confront Russia whenever the latter gets through Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine adventure.

Polish Farmers Announce Strike Against “Green New Deal”. The WEF Wants to Impose Synthetic GMO Laboratory Foods

By Julian Rose, February 07, 2024

Green  New Deal links directly into the Agenda 2030 ‘Sustainability’ program whereby the WEF proposes to 100% disenfranchise farmers and substitute synthetic GMO laboratory foods for real food grown in real soil.

Does Ukraine Have a Functional Air Defense System? Greece Denies Reports About Air Defense Systems Transfer to Kiev Regime

By Drago Bosnic, February 07, 2024

In recent days, there has been a lot of speculation that Greece would deliver its Soviet/Russian-made air defenses, particularly the S-300 series SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems to the Kiev regime. Even some reputable Greek media such as the Kathimerini reported on this.

Modern Warfare and the Three Strands to the “Swarming of Biden”: “Biden Is Boxed In”: Alastair Crooke

By Alastair Crooke, February 07, 2024

‘Swarming’ has been associated more recently with a radical evolution in modern warfare (most evident in Ukraine), where the use of autonomous swarming drones, continuously communicating with each other via AI, select and direct the attack to targets identified by the swarm.

Federal Court Halts Spraying of Monsanto’s Dicamba Pesticide Across Millions of Acres of Cotton, Soybeans

By Center For Biological Diversity, February 07, 2024

In a sweeping victory for family farmers and dozens of endangered plants and animals, a federal court today revoked approval of the extremely volatile, weed-killing pesticide dicamba.

2024 Is the New 1984: Big Brother and the Rise of the Security Industrial Complex (SIC)

By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, February 07, 2024

Forty years past the time that George Orwell envisioned the stomping boot of Big Brother, the police state is about to pass off the baton to the surveillance state. Fueled by a melding of government and corporate power—the rise of the security industrial complex—this watershed moment sounds a death knell for our privacy rights.

Oblivious to Years of Public Pandemic Planning for COVID-19 — Let’s Not Ignore Disease X

By Dr. Peter McCullough, February 07, 2024

Very few of us saw the COVID-19 pandemic back decades. Yet the underpinnings and timeline for the pandemic response go back many years and date stamped by the 2005 PREP Act which provided immunity to “countermeasures” which we later learned included masks, lockdowns, vaccines, etc.

Deep-seated Crisis Within Ukraine Military: Draft Avoidance by “Internal Exile”

By Rodney Atkinson, February 07, 2024

The conflict between the Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Zaluzhny and President Zelensky is coming to a head with the latter showing extreme weakness after weeks of claims that Zaluzhny had been sacked but with Zaluzhny still in place.

Have a Nice World War, Folks. The Late John Pilger’s Analysis. His Legacy Will Live

By John Pilger, February 07, 2024

“War is fun”, the helmets in Vietnam used to say with bleakest irony, meaning that if a war is revealed as having no purpose other than to justify voracious power in the cause of lucrative fanaticisms such as the weapons industry, the danger of truth beckons.

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